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Batch Ovens

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OEM is proud to offer you the finest industrial batch ovens at the best prices. OEM is a leader in batch oven technology with a full line of industrial batch ovens. At OEM, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products. Like the old adage says, "you get what you pay for," and an industrial batch oven is no different. Often from information on the internet, batch ovens seem the same, but the quality is not. You can be assured that the product you order will be of the highest quality and provide a lifetime of service. We offer package pricing for your complete metal finishing needs. We can save you thousands of dollars on the time and shipping costs you would otherwise incur. Because we are the manufacturer, we are uniquely capable of supporting each system from top to bottom. Our industry experience and support are key advantages over the traditional equipment resellers.


OEM industrial batch ovens are designed for the processing of a variety of product groups. Each OEM batch oven can be customized to meet your company’s unique requirements. As an industrial oven manufacturer, OEM has designed and fabricated an array of custom batch ovens and has become a leading industrial oven manufacturer.

We can design an industrial batch oven customized to your particular specifications. We can accommodate any order for batch ovens, drying ovens, curing ovens, or powder coating ovens.

Batch ovens are commonly used in applications requiring extended cycle times and varying temperature requirements. Batch oven applications include curing, sterilizing, drying, aging, heat-treating, finish-baking, and burn-in. Our mission is to provide the highest quality equipment at the lowest possible price with customer support. We are able to provide you the technical answers to your questions regarding selection of an industrial oven, cure oven, batch oven, composite oven, purchasing, startup, and service. We serve the U.S. and most foreign countries. All equipment is manufactured in the United States.

Batch Oven Features
  • Batch ovens available in electric or gas

  • Full length side wall ducting on all models

  • Backward inclined circulation plug fans

  • Heating and cooling combination available

  • Top or rear burner batch ovens

  • Aluminized interior and exterior

  • Modulating burner systems

  • Enclosed door frames with solid structure

  • Heavy duty doors (not oven panels)

  • Heavy duty 3 ply adjustable strap hinges

  • NEMA 12 UL control panel with disconnect

  • Adjustable purge timer

  • Digital temperature controls with auto tune

  • Optional second set of doors for a pass-through oven

With over 20 years of custom design batch ovens and the use of energy efficient direct fired gas systems, we have exceeded the demands in the market today. We are able to provide batch ovens, composite ovens, pre-heat ovens, pre-heaters, dry-off ovens, and powder coat cure ovens with timely lead times; we aim to ship 4 to 6 weeks after receipt of your approval of the prints.

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