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Powder Coating Ovens

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OEM is an innovative leader in high performance industrial powder coating ovens. OEM will customize any oven to meet your exact dimensions and has an oven specific for your application.


OEM manufactures reliable, affordable, and high quality powder coating ovens. OEM ovens are designed and built to be in compliance with all applicable industrial and commercial codes and standards. Our ovens are designed using computer-aided design software and sound engineering principles combined with innovative thinking. We use only top quality components and materials in our equipment. Components include those manufactured by: Midco, Maxon, Siemens, Cincinnati Fan, Future Design, and Allen Bradley. OEM will provide you, our customer, with the best possible value. We understand that safe, simple, reliable, and affordable equipment can help your productivity, and ultimately, your profitability. The results show up in your finished product and happy customers. 


Our ovens are heavy duty – built with 18 gauge aluminized steel skins inside and out. They have air supply ducting on both sides along the full length of the floor for excellent air uniformity. Doors have tough frames and heavy duty hinges.

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Powder Coating Oven Features
  • Air delivery to the bottom of the oven through ducting providing uniform heat (not blown down from the top)

  • 18 gauge aluminized wall and ceiling skin (not thinner 20 gauge galvanized)

  • Heavy duty doors and frames (wheels not required under the doors for support)

  • Heavy duty hinges (your doors won’t sag)  

  • Direct-fired, forced-air, single-nozzle burner

  • Thermal heat breaks in walls & ceilings (this will save you a lot of heat loss)

  • Backward inclined centrifugal plug fan (the most efficient fan)

  • Pre-assembled wall & ceiling panels (you don’t have to manufacture these onsite yourself)

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