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Fluidized Feed Hoppers

Hopper Feed Powder is poured into a hopper, where it becomes suspended in air to allow for easier transfer outwards to the spray gun. Certain powders work better in a fluidized hopper, such as metallics. The air that is used to fluidize (suspend) the powder, also serves to condition and dry. This allows the powder to be transferred out to the gun more consistently & with less wear and tear on spare parts.

Each hopper comes standard with a Lid Mounted grounding lug and Quick Disconnect fluidizing fittings for operator convenience.

Hopper Options

Husker Finishing 5LB Stainless Steel Hopper:

  • 8" diameter x 9" high

  • (1) Pump mount

  • (1) Pickup tube


Husker Finishing 50LB Stainless Steel Hopper with Plug Lid:

  • 16" diameter x 24" high

  • (1) Pump mount

  • (1) Pickup tube

  • Plug lid features a 7½ round fill and inspection opening with rubber plug for positive closure


Husker Finishing 10LB Stainless Steel Hopper:

  • 8" diameter x 13½" high

  • (1) Pump mount

  • (1) Pickup tube


Husker Finishing 150LB Stainless Steel Hopper:

  • 26" diameter x 24" high

  • (2) Pump mounts

  • (2) pickup tubes

  • Hinged lid features a 7" x 5" fill and inspection door with magnetic latch for positive closure

  • Includes 3 swivel casters mounted on the bottom for easy mobility

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