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Composite Curing Ovens

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Composite curing ovens are designed for curing synthetic and composite materials such as carbon fiber, polymers, rubbers, and textiles. The curing process produces the toughening or hardening of a polymer material by the cross-linking of polymer chains.

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Here are some key features of our composite curing ovens that will keep you 100% satisfied for the long duration of your operation. The efficiency of our burner, gas train components, flame safety, and airflow design will ensure operating cost savings and the best possible heat processing accuracy.


  • Our duct design provides a side and up airflow design

  • Air supply duct is located on both sides of the oven and run the entire length

  • The air return duct is located on the ceiling of the oven and run the entire length of the oven

  • Both return and supply duct have numerous adjustable louvers to ensure even air flow and temperature uniformity throughout the entire oven

  • With the correct amount of air changes and adjustments to the louvers, you will obtain maximum temperature uniformity throughout the oven

  • Only +/- 1 degree variance from the temperature control set point even during ramp and soak

  • Digital Programmable controller – over 300 programs can be stored with 25 segments per program

  • Control interface with laptop for easy programming

  • Uniformity +/- 5 degrees available on a 9 point profile

  • Aluminized 18 gauge inside and outside

  • Heavy duty construction for years of service

  • Heavy duty strap hinges

  • Ceiling or rear mounted burner system

  • Auto Tune temperature control

  • UL control panel – disconnect included

  • High volume & air velocity


  • Vacuum ports

  • Thermocouple jack panels for part temperature monitoring

  • Batch timer and data recording

  • Pressure transducers

  • Motorized controlled dampers

  • Insulated floor

  • Many other options available upon request

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