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At Oven Empire Manufacturing, our airflow in our ovens is one of the main qualities that sets our ovens above the rest.

A common misconception about industrial ovens is that the size of the burner is the most important. While burner size is important to get up to set temperature quickly, the more important factor to consider is the airflow inside of the oven, which is what distributes the heat evenly.

The significance of having OEM's superior airflow in an oven is that our ovens distribute the heat evenly throughout the cubic area of the oven. We design our ovens to distribute air from floor to ceiling throughout the entire length of the oven through the distribution duct.

A few key features about the airflow we create with our perfectly designed ovens are:

  • Our duct design provides a side and up airflow design (see Fig. 1-1)

  • Our air supply duct is located on both sides of the oven and run the entire length

  • Our air return duct is located on the ceiling of the oven and run the entire length of the oven

  • Both return and supply duct have numerous adjustable louvers to ensure even air flow and temperature uniformity throughout the entire oven (see Fig. 1-2)

  • With the correct amount of air changes and adjustments to the louvers, you therefore will obtain maximum temperature uniformity throughout the oven

Fig 1-1 Fig 1-2

If you would like to contact Oven Empire Manufacturing or request a quote for an oven with superior airflow, please go to the Request a Quote page or Contact us page.

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