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SPRINTX Manual Powder Set

The SPRINTX Manual Spray Set from Wagner provides the best equipment for a perfect coating result. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, this device allows you to work with both standard powder coatings for corrosion protection and very complicated coating systems with metallic effects. The perfectly balanced guns and the intelligent control technology allow you to produce and store coating recipes and achieve the same coating results time after time. A powder set is typically used on systems with large stand alone hoppers that may be closer or further away from where the control is mounted, hence the lack of tubing.

Controller Model EPG-SprintX:

  • Clear user interface for intuitive handling

  • Simple parameter adjustment using a navigation wheel

  • Fully electronic control technology for all air flows (AFC)

  • Factory set recipes can be selected directly for regular, complex, or re-coating

  • Up to 50 custom recipes can be stored for repeatability

  • Special purge function for faster color changes

  • One control unit can be used for both Corona and Tribo guns

  • High-voltage characteristics curve adjustment for optimum surfaces

WAGNER PrimaSprint Manual Spray Gun System includes:

(1) EPG-SprintX FM: Electrostatic/Pneumatic Gun Controller

(1) PEM-X1 FM Manual Gun: 100kV Corona Electrostatic Cascade

(1) PI-F1: Powder Feed Pump with High Efficiency Injector 

(1) Fan spray nozzle with adjustable spray angle

(1) Electrode Holder for fan spray nozzle

(1) Positioning Tool: For the fan spray nozzle

(1) Assembly Hardware: Poly-tubing, hardware, and cable ties 

(1) Set of Powder Hose: High-flow grounded hose 

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