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BTU’s required for an industrial oven is based on several engineering design factors. One factor is the number of air exchanges. Another factor is the type of burner. Our standard ovens are engineered for 5 air changes per minute. The burner we use is an air induced direct fired style.

You may only need 500,000 BTU’s based on the size of oven, but the burner supplied may be rated up to 800,000 BTU’s. The actual amount of BTU’s used is based on several factors set up at the time of installation. The gas pressure, altitude, air adjustments, and other factors affect the actual BTU’s. All burners have a range and are adjusted on site. Too large of burner may prevent an oven from maintaining a lower temperature when needed.

Most manufacturers state the maximum amount the burner is rated for – although they may never be adjusted it to this maximum. Purchasing an oven based on BTU’s capacity only can be misleading.

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