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Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Box feed powder coating systems fluidize powder by a shaking motion. This shaking motion causes the powder coating to become suspended in air which is then supplied to the powder coating gun and applied appropriately.

The major benefit to a box-fed powder coating system is its convenience. The powder coating can be fed directly from a box eliminating the need to transfer powder. Additionally, it allows for easy changing of powder coating colors. It is often the ideal option when you need to change powder coating colors frequently and allows for flexibility.

A slight drawback to box feed powder coating equipment is that it may not supply powder to the powder coating gun as fluidized. This can result in a slight reduction in the finish quality. It can also lead to the need to occasionally clean out the powder coating gun as the powder coating may become clotted requiring proper cleaning.

Advantages of Box-Fed Powder Coating Systems:

  • Fast start-up

    • Get a box, open it, put the powder hose in, and start powder coating

  • Quick color change

    • Clean or swap powder hoses, switch to a different box, and go back to powder coating

  • Lower initial investment

    • If spraying a variety of colors and textures on a weekly basis, the cost of multiple hoppers can add up. Since the powder already comes in a box, there is no extra cost dealing with a lot of different powders

  • More mobile

    • A box of powder weights less than a hopper

Disadvantages of Box-Fed Powder Coating Systems:

  • Special effect powders are not suggested with this system

    • The vibratory box feed system usually causes larger or denser particles to settle to the bottom on the carton. Any powder that has distinct particle size differences can have consistency issues, especially as you get closer to the end of the box

  • Humidity can cause problems

    • Humidity in the air can cause the power to clump due to the condensation occurring when the cool powder is exposed to the humid air

  • Spillage & contamination

    • Tilting the gun cart accidentally can spill the powder out of the box. Reusing spilled powder or leaving an opened box of powder in a dirty shop environment can cause contaminants in the powder.

When is a vibratory, box-fed powder coating system the right choice?

  • Powder coating where color change is needed – This is often the case for a powder coating job shop where multiple colors will be used in a given day; the vibratory box will allow ease changing of colors and powders

  • You work with standard powders – Vibratory boxes work perfectly if your powder is all uniform in particle size

  • Smaller powder coating runs – If your only doing a box of powder occasionally a box fed powder coating system is perfect for your needs

If you have any questions on powder coating guns or powder coating systems, please go to our "Powder Coating Guns" page or "Contact Us" page on our website.

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