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Updated: Feb 20, 2023

The need for powder coating equipment is driven by the development of technologies that address the constant issues of cost and manufacturing efficiencies. For instance, the growth and expansion of compact process systems are systems that have the potential to reduce overall processing costs. These systems include coatings with dual-layer functionality, dry-on-dry cure, faster curing periods, and lower cure technologies for metal and plastic. Additionally, the industry has developed cutting-edge technologies that enable the use of powder on medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and wood substrates as well as providing improved corrosion protection for metal. These aforementioned factors are expected to fuel the market demand.

Customers are continuously working to increase process efficiencies, such as by reducing coating stages or more effectively utilizing coating materials, and this is further likely to fuel the demand for sustainable solutions. Furthermore, it is projected that the market demand would increase as a result of new breakthroughs in powder coating technologies that produce ultra-matte, hammered effects, textures, and chrome looks.

Powder coating equipment is being increasingly widely used in new applications. For instance, it's the reduced baking temperatures that have made it possible to work with new substrates including plastic, MDF, and wood. Improvements in application equipment and process control, which provide a larger range of application areas such as dry-on-dry systems, are strongly supporting this trend and are expected to upsurge demand for powder coating equipment over the projected period.

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