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Oven dirt and powder is typical problem in many powder coating ovens, causing powder coating blemishes. Monthly cleanup will assure the highest coating quality product. Be sure to vacuum the oven walls and floor, duct-work interior, and any conveyor or track components (support steel, wheel turns, rails, and so on). Using a damp mop on these surfaces will help remove contaminants.

An improperly maintained powder coating oven can cause many problems in coating quality. Air control problems in your oven can cause the powder to blow off the part before it melts and wets the surface. Dirt, soot, and other contaminants can damage a coating’s appearance. A powder’s color stability can also be affected if your oven’s exhaust rate is adjusted improperly or the powder is over-baked. What all these add up to is an increase in downtime and your reject rate. A good preventive maintenance program is well worth it.

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