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Updated: Feb 20, 2023

When we talk about a “batch system”, we refer to a group of equipment designed for coating parts as they are manually moved as a group from a powder coating booth to a curing oven. After one batch of parts is coated in the booth, it is moved into the batch oven to cure. While the first batch parts are curing, a new batch of parts can be coated in the spray booth. In most instances, the part’s cure time will be almost the same as its coating time – so your oven and booth can run at full capacity nearly all day.

A Powder Coating Batch Oven most commonly uses convection to transfer the heat to the parts and it works for the largest variety of parts and is the simplest heat technology to operate. An electric or gas fired burner is used to heat air which is recirculated throughout the oven. The constant flow of heated air is what heats the parts.

Powder coating parts as batches avoids the high expense and delay of installing an automated line. Batch equipment allows you to increase your throughput dramatically. Not only does provide more flexibility as the size of parts but it also improves your coating results and reduce your downtime – all at a fraction of the cost of automation.

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